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Paros Island Villa, Greece

Client: Georgia Mavria and Joss Hazel
Date: 2001


A private family villa in the island of Paros in Greece close to the historical area of the island. The site is located on a slope between sea and the mountains. The proposed lay out takes advantage of the geometry and topography of the site. Locating the building on the very top and the highest point of the site. An entrance to the site is through a tight space reference to typical Greek courtyard. Entrance to the house is on the double height narrow habitable wall and then turn into the sitting room providing you a panoramic view of the sea. All the rooms and spaces are arranged in order to provide maximum view of either the sea or the mountains.


The high habitable wall also provides a protection against the west sun and the dominant wind. The norther court yard and the habitable wall being a passive cooling device for the whole building. The choice of materials, size and opening proportions are dictated by the planning requirements of Pars Island. There is a hidden secret garden accessed by the main bedroom inspired by the concept if Persian gardens.

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