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Aarhus School of Architecture, Aarhus, Denmark


Client: Design Competition
Date : 2016


Living Room in the Garden: is an international design competition to build the School of Architecture in Aarhus.

The proposal is a dialogue between a ‘digital’ garden and series of living rooms that set up the spine for the school with creative learning environment driven by series of what we call ‘digital flowers’


Taking the students as the centre of the school, and building on their aspirations and needs and above all responding to the site, the design is developed with 3 key components:


The Digital Garden with its digital flowers

The garden space slopes from ground floor all the way up to the first floor level. Wrapping around the key learning spaces building and the students individual learning spaces. The garden blends with the green wedges, connects to the key street and main urban areas and yet allows for more overlooking private spaces related to the university and the other building/activities.


Digital flowers: the digital flowers form one of the key aspect of the design scheme where each student will be associated with a ‘Flower’. The flowers act as the students’ digital info and are unique to the school of architecture in the sense that each student will be offered a ‘handset’ to laser cut at the start of their enrolments.


The living rooms are the students personal spaces which are specifically designed to bring in a domestic and individual angle to the learning environment. The living room is a double height space that starts at the ground floor level on what we have called creative learning level and goes up to the garden.


Hanging Studios

The studio spaces are also scattered across the digital garden hanging with an access form both garden and internal creative space. All are top lit to offer maximum light .




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