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Prospect Urban Park, London

In association with Education and Special Projects Department

Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets London Docklands Development Corporation

Date : 1995


This local’s park was a planning gain by London Borough of Tower Hamlets, collaboration with the London Docklands Development Corporation housing association and English Heritage. The commission was the resulting from the design of the master plan for the area becoming available as a result of disused railway and the surrounding spaces. The master plan was for social/low rent houses with a local park providing play area for under 5s as well as quite seating and a nature reserve area that was looked altered by the local school. Working within Poplar Design Architects the design concept was to work with the topography of the site and the existing informal routes as established by locals as a short cut from street corner to the housing blocks nearby.


The chosen materials for park include many soft and hard landscaping elements include barefaced concrete columns and stepping terraces and a sloping curved brick wall protecting the park from the car traffic of the street junction.

The park includes an installation art from reclaimed granite stone and founded statue of sand stone.

The Park was nominated for Civic Trust Award.


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