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Green Office, Tehran

Client: District 10 Tehran Municipality
Date 2003


Located within the 'Green Route', the Green Office was selected to be an example of an office building that will use the principles of the Green Route  in terms of its construction and heating/cooling system. The site was occupied by the Municipality’s neighbourhood office with an office for the Mayor and a section for public services. The proposed project divides the site into two sections; north and south with a central courtyard linking the northern, public, side to the southern, private, side of the building.


The main design strategies is influenced by principle of the use of passive energy for cooling and heating of the building. The main north street facade has large revolving advertising panels of metal mesh with an elevated garden. The west facade is a large 4-storey environmental protective perforated wall.

The West wall contains passive energy measures and clay damp panels, within the wall cavity. The large circular cut within the west facade provides air circulation inside the courtyard and exposes the vertical herbal planters behind it. The north facade has a vertical well providing passive cooling while the south facade has adjustable louvers over the entire facade. 
The spirit of the project is to demonstrate how we can use every day practices and buildings to traditions with additional appropriate technologies that save energy, creates relevant private/ public spaces and is sustainable by the local builders.

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