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Green Tower, Hamedan, Iran

Client: Municipality of Hamedan
Date: 2008


The concept behind the Green Tower has been mainly to respond to the demand of high rise buildings in a crowded city like Hamedan with a sustainable environmental proposal. The 'green tower' focuses on the use of vertical gardens, as a method to improve the quality of living environment within high rise buildings.


The building is 40 story height. The first 3 stories are designed to include commercial and business units, as well as public spaces that integrate directly with the street life. The rest of the floors are residential units of which each has its own vertical garden.


The building integrates with the landscape and the context around, thus, it was designed to reflect the mountains in the background and the fruits fields at the edges. The building has also been divided into two parts connected with public spaces and vertical gardens to allow for a visual connection with the mountains. The shape of the front facade of the building is inspired by Hamedan plant ‘bide majnoun’.

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