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Blackwall Complex Workshops and Offices, London


Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets and The Docklands Development cooperation.
Date : 1999


Located in the East of London on the entrance to Docklands and on the edge of the river Thames, this transport complex houses offices and workshop for Council’s lorries and buses. It has a public MOT garage as well as dining area. The complex is a unique type as it bring a number of different functions under the same roof.


The geometry of the proposal is inspired by the two existing urban patterns and axis of two generation of city foot print. The design proposal for the workshop was to be bright colourful with a design that maximized fresh air.


The use of materials reflect building's function and context. The non-standard long and thin brick work is reference to was of few surviving brick industrial brick building on site.The use of specially made courgette profile steel reflect the the more recent and contemporary associations with industrial buildings in the industrial East of London.


The project was designed for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Architects Department. The project was nominated for Civic Trust award.

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