The Historic Centre of Birzeit 

Title: The Regeneration of the Historic Centre of Berzeit


Client: Riwaq 


Collaborators: Riwaq,Palestine Regeneration Team (PART), NGA


Location:Berzeit, near Ramallah, Palaestine


Dates: 2007-2011


The conservation and rehabilitation of the historic centre is a collaborative project spreadheaded by Riwaq: Centre for architectural conservation.


Our involvement as NG Architects as consultants and architects to the scheme has been in offering new means to re-read the historic fabric with new dimentions to sustainability.


Heritage has over the years been seen, generally, as a passive act for the prevention of cultural change. However, in the case of Palestine, conservation and renovation of the historical fabric is regarded as not at all conventional. It offers instead a dynamic process of resistance and creativity that can stitch and empower the fragmented communities.

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