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Climate House, Tehran

In association with Pierre d’Avoine Architects
Client: Iranian Fuel Conservation Organisation
Date : 2002


Located in the north of Tehran this is a prototype courtyard house designed to reduce the use of energy to over 90% by introducing new means of building construction technologies to be used in residential buildings in Iran. Key point about the project was the use of north and south courtyards to create passive cooling system. Introduction of the traditional lower ground residential space by providing the granny flat. As well as a library.


The provision for summer winter extension for the house on the south courtyard referring to the traditional green house and the summer room. The chimneys act as a cooling devise activated at night. The west facade provides protection from the west facade and offers a series of elevated gardens connecting both the south and north courtyard. In addition to the main house the complex includes a number of other functions including exhibition spaces for building materials display, a library, a lecture hall as well as a tea house located on the main Vali Asr street within the narrow building on the west side.

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