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Melal Park, Hamedan, Iran

Client: Municipality of Hamedan
Date: 2008


Melal Park is a 20 hectare site designed to accommodate 12 thematic parks from different partsof the world, The aim is to create a new focal point in the city, especially that it is one of the key sites for local tourism in Iran.


The park design strategy focuses on providing services that responds to the culture needs and the daily habits of the local community, yet provide contemporary design interventions that best respond to these needs. It includes picnic areas, tea houses and public spaces which are designed to change with the changes of the weather and the season.


The Park includes, a seasonal amphitheater, exhibition space, hotel, habitable bridges with different services, Market/Bazaar, herbal gardens, science museum, botanic garden, as well as Olympic village.


A water canal stretches across the park with services located around it. It uses the current water springs on the site as the main source of water to feed the park green areas and the canal. The design proposal of the park uses the local materials and building techniques as a base to enhance and assist its cultural and environmental sustainability.

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