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Twin Houses In Prague

Client Dana Stumpova
Date : 2003


Located in the suburb of Prague these two houses are designed to provide accommodation for the Client and a source of income from the rent of one of the houses. The main house is three stories located at the back of the site, away from the main street with its own access being from the rear.


The second house is on the opposite site of the main, forming a courtyard with the main house. Both buildings are linked below ground by three squash court that is for use of the residence as well as for the local club members. The local character of the adjacent buildings is reflected in the shape of the roofs, but with slight manipulation. The main sitting and lounge spaces are expressed by projecting over the courtyard. The spaces in the house are experienced though a route starting from the lower ground from the north side of the site within a triple height narrow void that provides cooling during the hot summer. The special room within the attic is main sleeping room over looking the courtyard and the forest beyond.

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