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Sunbird Pavilion, International Architecture & Design Showcase


Team: Palestine Regeneration Team (PART) on behalf of Palestine

Collaborators: On behalf of Palestine and in collaboration with the Palestinian Embassy in the UK  and British Council 

Location: Dreamspace Gallery

Dates: 2012





We propose an interactive pavilion/installation that will display some actual ‘live’ and speculative projects that we are currently undertaking in Palestine in collaboration with different bodies there. These projects celebrate the Palestinian cultural landscape and its many hidden, yet highly creative, layers. As such, the aim is to reveal the possibilities for wrapping and stitching together the fragmented urban fabric of Palestinian neighbourhoods.


In addition, the interactive pavilion will demonstrate through its own built skin some simple everyday practices and ‘invisible’ technologies that could help Palestinian families to enhance their environmental conditions through wrapping (greater thermal comfort), breathing (more fresh air and light), and reducing energy use (conserving natural resources).


Our design interventions are all part of an ongoing project currently taking place for regenerating many of the historic centres across Palestine. The interventions promote alternative and indeed unique ways of looking at heritage, conservation and environmental sustainability. All of them are also inspired by local cultural practices and the daily habits of citizens.  

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